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eBay Sales! Australia!

Hey Guys,

Its been a while since I posted since unfortunately I don't have the time to collect much anymore.

Although I am super excited for the new Kyoto items (especially the new Ho-Oh and Lugia Pikachus!)

Just thought I would let people know I have some things ending on eBay soon, if you are in Australia you can use the postage price on eBay, however if you are international and interested in anything please let me know and I will give you a postage cost :)

The items are hyperlinked to their listings in the indvidul pictures under the cut :D


- Items sold through eBay listing, eBay rules and policies apply.
-I was granted sales permission on
6/10/14 by allinia
-My community feedback can be found here:
-I come from a pet free, non smoking home. (Pets are kept outside and not allowed in)
-I will not accept returns, so please ask questions before bidding if you are unsure.

-I accept Paypal only.

-I ship from AUSTRALIA.
-International shipping varies so please ask for a quote!
-All items guaranteed to be shipped out within two weeks (in extreme cases), however if there is a problem I will message you.
- International tracking is available but may cost extra.

If yous have any questions just message me on eBay or here :)
Tags: auctions, gyarados, pokemon, sylveon
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