bamwowza (bamwowza) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick brag

Hey all! Just wanted to do a quick brag on a model kit my friend got me that I just finished!

The only model things I've been doing have been glow in the dark dinosaur skeleton from the dollar store, so it was really fun not to have to use glue for every piece! 😂



EVERYTHING ELSE minus stickers!
Those antlers were probably the only things I had problems with, since they didn't really latched but hung??

Now stickers! The stickers were the worst part, honestly.
I opted out of the stickers that are supposed to go behind his chest fluff bc 1) I messed up on them 2) I think it looks better without them!
Plus I kinda tore one of them so

and one last picture with a pose pretty much copied from the manual :D

I'm probably super late with this, considering I don't know when they came out haha

but I really love making models & it's super cool how it's poseable!
I really wanna get yveltal now ;w;

thanks for looking!

Tags: figures, xerneas
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