zenmekir (zenmekir) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking to buy all kinds of Trevenant merch/farfetch'd charm

Heya! I've always loved Trevenant and I think it would be easy enough to collect without getting expensive. So I want you guys to show me what Trevenant merch you've got for sale. Looking for ALL merch; figures, TCG, plush, flats, everything. The only thing I already have is the Pokemon Center metal charms but I want everything else you've got.


Decided to list the items for Trevenant I already have:
Pokemon Center Phantump and Trevenant metal charms
Trevenant Kid (just purchased)
All TCG Cards

Also looking for this Farfetch'd charm:


I only want Farfetch'd; I believe it's the last bit of merch I need to mostly complete my Farfetch'd collection. I'll post a collection update when I get some shipments in.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: ALSO I almost forgot. I won a Cofagrigus grail the other day and it's on it's way to me now! It's one of the rarest items of Cofagrigus and I'm so happy to have won it. I'll show you guys when it gets here.

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