Becky (cy4nide) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS Gets!

Hi everyone! Hope everyong is enjoying the SSS! It was my first time participating and I've had a great time! Today I received my parcel from none other than kinokokoneko with a lovely card too (which I forgot to take a picture of!)

I'm so used to opening boxes using my pen in work that I did the same and drew on the bag T_T

Chikorita plush keyring and Bellossom kid! I already have the Bellossom kid but she's my all-time favourite so it's no problem at all :)

Bulbasaur plush and stickers! So, so soft it's unreal! I think Bulbasaur is my favourite starter Pokemon.

Very surprised with theis keyring I've never seen it before! Vileplume sitting pretty next to the rose :D

I also got some Haribo Tangfastics which is great because I looove sour sweets! Thank you so much kinokokoneko I'm so pleased with everything, there's nothing I don't like, you did a great job! :D
Tags: sss
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