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Surprise Gets!

Hello everyone! How have all of your days been? Personally, my day has been awesome! Here in Canada the snow has melted, it's warm out with a nice breeze, so spring must be here! Today, I got a surprise in the mail, and I'd love to show you!

(Also, I'm not sure if this will show up twice, I accidentally posted it to my personal Journal first, so if you DO see it twice on the PKMNCollectors Homepage, let me know!)

I've decided to do some unboxing thing like I see a lot of you guys doing, so this post is going to be a bit image heavy, so bear with me!

Today I got this package in the mail. I purchased this item from pokedolllover! Isn't the packaging awesome? It also fits perfectly with the item I ordered, the seller was super attentive to detail! Keep reading to find out what I got!

Who could it be inside? Only one way to find out!

That's right, it's Roserade! It's MWT too! There's a bit of tape to close the tag, and I'm not actually sure what would happen if I were to unfold it, haha, any information on that is really appreciated! It was super clever of pokedolllover to use that rose packaging for Roserade!

At first, I didn't expect to purchase anything other than Pokedolls, but these Banpresto plush really interest me! I also would normally dislike any hanging strings on any plush, but after realizing how little space I have to display items the ability to hang these plush up will really help! The Roserade line is also one of my favourite evolution lines too. Gen 4 all the way! This plush is super detailed, and I love the embroidery on the roses! The arms were a lot longer than I expected, but I like that, it means more flexible posing!

The gang's all here!... For the most part atleast. Here's a picture of Roserade hanging (you can see my pokemon curtains in the back too, hehe), with my old Jakks Budew from years ago, and a quick drawing of Roselia I did a few weeks ago! See if you can guess the drawings in the top left corner, too (Hint; It's Wormadam! I want to try to make a custom of it)!

I actually liked the packaging so much that I decided to tape it to my shelf, haha. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Here you can see almost everything I've gotten since joining the community a few months ago! Palkia and Chatot are the only exceptions, I got Palkia quite a few years back before I even knew what Pokedolls were, and Chatot was a custom of mine!

For my next specific gets, I plan to see if I can find a fairly-priced Roselia plush, and a Budew Pokedoll! MWT is definitely the way to go! To be honest, I'm not even sure where the Roselia comes from, whether it was a special promo or from a catcher. I've seen the Budew Pokedoll as quite pricy item, so we'll see how that goes.

And lastly, albeit a bit unrelated, I was wondering if anyone knew the cost or the rarity of these items; Banpresto(?) Wormadam plush, or ANY of the Jakks Burmy Plushies (Forest, Trash, and Sandy Cloak). Perhaps you even have some to sell! If you do, feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading!
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