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<3 My Spring Swap has Arrived <3

As you guys can tell from the title, I got my spring swap today!! I had a feeling that it would come this week, but I didn't want to raise my hopes to high just in case ;w; I giggled like a little girl while I opened all this up...

Warning- a lot of images and fangirling below the cut!

First off, a card! I followed the request and opened it to find...

A bunch of cute flats featuring some of my favorite Pokemon! The Celebi promo was a big surprise too, didn't those just come out a week ago? It's such a pretty card <3
And it looks like my gift is from m14mouse! I say this every year, but it COMPLETELY blew me away. Everything was so thought out and wonderful ;w;

Next up, I found... an egg? Let's look inside.

WHAT IS THIS CUTENESS. HOW PERFECT IS THIS SCULPTURE?? I'm so happy to have another little Phantump around ;A; One of my favorite most underrated Pokemon of all time! The pose and everything of this sculpture is perfect, omigod. This little dude is my favorite <3 And the Celebi pin is in an adorable pose! I have two but this one seems to actually be in better condition than my other one, so I'll just get rid of that one and keep this one instead :)

The next thing I opened was...

AMAZING. I can't believe how much thought went into this gift. M14mouse literally got my almost every aspect of what I asked for in my survey. The eevee was sealed in one of my most favorite things- random boxes. I do already have one, but no biggie! I'm going to trade my old one for another eeveelu (any takers? xD)
And I never knew that this Celebi existed, but wow, now that I know I definitely need it in my life. It looks like it came out as part of the promo for the Zorua movie, but I've never even seen it for sale before. It's so lovely ;w;
And a Poochyena battrio! (Battrio right? That's how they're called?) A great addition to my puppy collection c:

After this I opened something very flat and long...

CARDS. HELL YEAH. The past few weeks I've been in full TCG mode. This happens every once in a while when I get a giftcard to Barnes and Noble or Gamestop or something like that. I just get obsessed with cards. It doesn't happen often but when it does, there's no stopping me xD
I'm super happy that this is the pack they chose, because I saw it at the store a while back and although I wanted it I ended up getting one from a newer series. I've been longing for that Celebi ever since! Most of the cards I got were doubles, but LOOK. MEGA HOUNDOOM EX. A DREAM COME TRUE. I shrieked when I came across it. Typlosion was a highlight too!

The next two presents were the largest and heaviest, and I honestly had no idea what else there could possibly be.

I'm in heaven. And I'm gonna have to work out extra hard this week, because I've already had ten kitkats in the span of an hour. Oops.

Here's everything together! Needless to say, I couldn't be happier right now. Thank you SO much m14mouse, your gift made my day <333


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