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collection update!! + some gets and a tiny sale

I finally did my collection update!!! It's not much but my collection has been steadily growing and looking at it makes me happy. It's mostly a pin collection update though, so I'm not sure if this is of any use to my SSS. ;w;
(yes I spent more time than I should have on this banner)

Gotochi Pins! My gotochi pin collection is 13/16 complete! Just missing the last 3 pins from the Osaka gachapon. First 2 rows are supposed to be those from the Tokyo Gacha, but I messed up and accidentally included the Osaka tower pin in the 2nd row instead of the Tokyo Tower one...
Fun fact: Only Charizard and Mew's pins are golden in colour! The tacks themselves are gold, as compared to the rest which are all silver. Both of these pins also have that little bronze-ish hue on top, makes it look special.

Below are my Rainbow Pins! There was some screw up with FJ so I'm supposed to receive 2 more but it got left at the warehouse.... (more on that later on).

The rainbow collection is somewhat completed, since I have 6/7 of them (2 not in the picture). The last one I need is the Dittochu pin, and I won't be able to pay $120 for it sooo....

The Balloon-chu pin has the balloon part somewhat popping out as compared to the others which are completely flat. That one is my favourite out of this set. :)

Moving on... the other board!

The ones on the top (first 2 columns) are from the Traditional Pokemon promotion in... 2014? There were 2 sets released, so I have many more to go before completing it. I already managed to get the elusive Substitute one, so I'm contented. I just grabbed a few of them off YJ as they were relatively cheap.

Next to them are the Pokecen exclusive pins!
From left to right, top to bottom:
Old Tokyo Pin
New Tokyo Pin
New Tohoku Pin
Mega Tokyo Pin
Tohoku 1st Anniversary Pin
Tokyo-Bay Inkay Pin

This cool pattern is on the back of the Tohoku Anniversary pin. It was a nice surprise! Cute that Tohoku has a recurring theme of using clovers.

I got this Munchlax pin set from someone on the comm. Not sure what Promotion it was from, but it's really cute! These are actually 2 separate pins, but made so you can "fit" them together like this. There's also tiny sihoulettes of Pikachu and Munchlax on the bottom.

Below are the Halloween and most recent Christmas Pins, which I won't touch on..

The 2012 Christmas Pin! I was lucky enough to win it at a good price on YJ, as the 2011 and 2013 ones went for over 1000 yen on listings that ended about a week later.

There's a neat detail on its back as well. It's nice that they decided to add it, since most people won't see the back of the pins but when they do - surprise! Maybe those that keep it in its packaging will never know about the design on the back....

Dynamic Photo time! (to break up the mass of text)

Next to the 2012 Christmas Pin is the Pokemon Center Online Pin!
I love this pin, mainly because Porygon is adorable. The style of Pikachu and Pichu is also more similar to the old drawing style/Pokedoll style? There's another pin from this set, which I haven't found yet. (hopefully someday!)

Aaand below are the Worlds pins which I've shown in a previous update. I hope the 2016 Worlds Pin is adorable!
The worlds pins have different tacks too.. the covers? They're made out of rubber instead of metal like the rest. I think it's a US-product thing, haha.

The last row are pins which I bought for prices that should have been lower... haha.. I was inexperienced at YJ back then and ended up with a large bill at the end of it.

Alas, the Marill Pokemon Center Game Corner Pin! I don't know what drew me to this pin... perhaps nostalgia? It's really cute though. Aaahhh they shouldn't have removed the game corner in the pokemon games. Did people really complain about it... :(

Anyway - next up is the 21st Century Pocket Monsters Pin! This one was from 1999! I can't remember what it was exactly, but it was to celebrate the Pokemon Anime...? I had expected it to be a bit bigger though, haha.

Pokemon Cooking Club Pin!! This was from the NYC center in 2001. Not sure what the cooking club was about, but I would join too if they advertised it with a Blissey.

Lastly, Pokemon 2000 pin! Probably sold in the year 1999-2000, apparently it's related to the movie? Information about these older pins are pretty hard to find haha.

The pins in the last row are all designed in the old art style, and it's such a stark contrast to the ones right above! It's always amazing to find out about old pins, made back when I was only a tiny tot haha.

The collection all together!
Does anyone know how to seal up those little holes in the canvas board? I was bad at planning the placements of these, and some of the unused pin holes are a little unsightly.

Korosensei guarding the pins! Gudetama has been booted off the shelf and moved to the bed. I'm going to need a larger shelf.

Also, I received some packages containing items needed to start my new collection....

Cards! There's still a long way to go before its completion, but I'm taking it slow as it's not my main priority.
Thanks to spritzzie and shinamishi for the cards!

Tomokazu Komiya Cards!

Tomokazu has been a TCG artist for a long time, so I managed to find some of his cards from my old stack.

Tiny Kanako Eo Collection!

I'm prioritising the TOKIYA and Tomokazu cards first, as Kanako Eo consistenly puts out so many cards I can't really keep track haha. They're still cute though!
(ignore the Dodrio.. the sheet is transparent..)

TOKIYA Collection!

TOKIYA has the least amount of cards out, but they're all the uncommons/rares etc so his collection will be a bit more expensive. The art is gorgeous though, so I guess it's worth it. Perhaps TOKIYA's art style is more suitable for rarer/more exciting cards??

I also managed to get the TCG art book! It's chock full of art, except the last few pages which are interviews and process pictures. Totally worth it!!!

Has anyone else experienced this issue with FJ? The rules state that you can instruct an item for shipping even if it hasn't arrived to the warehouse. However, I did that and FJ still separated the items into arrived and not arrived, and I got charged for the Charge 2 only for the items that had arrived. A new message "30 days left to add your shipping instruction" appeared at the same time, for items that have yet to arrive (1 of them arrived before the msg was shown).

ninetails told me that it happened to her as well... I have some technical issues contacting FJ through their form on the site, so I used Facebook chat but it was not very helpful since they needed my account details. I needed the package soon though, since it contained my SSS gifts - so I just paid the Charge 2 reluctantly. :(

So does the shipping instructions only work for the items that have arrived? It's a little upsetting since I have 4 more pins that were won before I instructed everything for shipping. Now I'll have to wait 20+ days to make the full use of the shipping cost..

Whew!! I didn't expect to ramble on for so long, sorry about that hahaha. Also I apologise for the weird quality/lighting of the photos, I only have my phone camera and it takes too much time to edit every individual photo in Photoshop. ;~;

P.S: I need to advertise a tiny sale: items shown in the picture below! Click here or on the picture to head to my sales post. :)
Also open to trading it for any of the pins on my wants list here.

Which were your favourite pins?

Gotochi Gacha
Rainbow Gacha
Traditional Gacha
Pokecen Exclusive
Older-Style Pins

Have a nice day!
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