renji93 (renji93) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I'm back with some gets!

It's been a long time since I last wrote in this community :)
I was quite busy, also because I (finally) found a job!

Every time I enter in this site, see my banner at the top of the page is a great satisfaction!
In these days I have received the product that I have bought from the Sunyshore Pokemart, using the gift certificates gave to me for winning the PKMNCollectors Banner Contest last year (yeah, I used the gift voucher only 6 months later I received that, I'm a person who thinks a lot XD).
I also put another pic to show off 3 gift my girlfirend bought for me from Japan <3

The N nendoroid!
Honestly, I wasn't a big fun of Nendoroid, but after bought and received this, I must admit that is adorable.

Thanks so much to denkimouse

And here is another pic of gets directly from Japan (Pokemon Center and Mandarake)

My girlfriend bought these plush for me and when I saw them I was like:"WHHAAAAAAATTTT! OH MY GOD! O_O" *-*
Dragonite and Lapras are absolutely 2 fantastic pokedoll, and the Pikachus for the New Year are really well made :)

That's it! Greetings to all the Pokémon Collectors!

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