peppermmints (peppermmints) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone selling Pokemon Lab merch?

Hello lovelies <3 I'm back again! First up, a little update. All owed packages etc were mailed a bit ago so they're already on their way or nearly there's! Feedback, is the next thing on my list, so if I owe you feedback, hang tight, that's my next job :D commission/trade updates will be sent out to everyone this afternoon. And finally, I'll be doing a bit sales update in a couple of weeks time that may well involve roughly 2 full boxes of stuff!

Oh and to my spring swap partner (you don't know who you are :p) you're parcel I'll be sent out in the next couple of days :D

Which brings me round to the subject of this post. POKEMON LAB! As most of you probably know by now, I've got myself a fancy new science job. So, I think that's a perfect excuse for me to shirk house moving responsibilities, and buy some more stuff!

As a 'yay job' reward from me to me, I'm looking for some Pokemon Lab merchandise. Nothing super big or fancy, maybe just a key ring, or a pin or something, especially if it features cyndaquil. (I'm not actually 100% sure what was even released for this). But, there's a catch, I'm only looking for UK sellers otherwise it might not arrive in time.

So, if you're selling, let me know please!

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