mothsicles (mothsicles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WANTED! Bulbasaur Plush!

Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a Bulbasaur plush. My girlfriend and I were talking and making teams last night and it gave me a whole lot of nostalgia.. Bulbasaur is my favorite grass type and while I probably wont collect him like with my Charizards I would like some merch of him :>

Does anyone have any Bulbasaur plushies for sale? Any size or type is fine but Im looking for medium-large ones not really small ones. The sleeping version that was recently released is a grail of mine but I know they are quite pricey.. but if you have one that youd like to sell for $30 or under let me know! Any other plush is open for consideration too.

((pictures added as attention grabbers))


Tags: bulbasaur, wants
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