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grail get + 3-item sale

Hi again everyone!

I finally received a much-anticipated grail of mine in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited to share it ;w; It may not be the rarest of items but I've wanted it for so long and never could find one in reach until now...

//apologies for the poor lighting in advance ^^;

So here's my shelf that I've started to fill up... but what's that at the back?

It's the super adorable Pikachu pillow from the Pokemon Center! I really don't know much about the specifics (like the year it was made, etc.) but I've seen them around for a while and I was finally lucky enough to catch basketbears's auction for it! I'm so so so happy with it now that I have it in person - the pose is just so cute and unique ;w; I think I may try to create a better way for the tail to keep straight since it's pretty heavy and tends to flop over, but otherwise it's everything I hoped for <3 Thanks so much basketbears!

Also, I got this little cutie in the mail a while ago from wobbuwhit and totally forgot to post about it ;A;

The newest release of the Vulpix plush! It's so incredibly well-made - I was even more impressed with it than I thought I would be! It's a great size and amazingly soft <3 Thanks again wobbuwhit!

Also, here's my very very small sales if you might be interested~

My Sales Policy:
All Pkmncollectors Community Rules apply.
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 9-19-2014.
My feedback is available here.
All items listed come from a smoke free home.

General Guidelines:
Asking for a quote will allow you priority on an item for 5 hours.
If you do not respond within 5 hours after I give you a quote, the item will go to the next person.
If you get a quote and decide you don't want the item, please let me know that you're passing.
If you back out of a sale after committing, I will leave you negative feedback.
Payment is required within 24 hours of committing to an item. Please let me know if you need more time, otherwise I'll assume you're backing out and I will leave you negative feedback.
I do not accept trades at this time.
I will not hold items.
If you would like additional pictures of an item, please just tell me and I'll provide them as soon as possible ^^
If you feel that I've listed an item too high, please (kindly) let me know :)
I will leave feedback for you as soon as you leave feedback for me. Please comment and ask for it if I happen to overlook your feedback!

I ship from AR, USA.
I DO NOT currently ship worldwide - I may in the future, but for now, I will only ship within the United States.
PayPal is the only accepted form of payment.
Prices are in US dollars and generally do not include PayPal fees or shipping unless I specify otherwise.
Please include your LJ username and what you purchased when sending payment.
I will ship your item within two days (unless it's over a weekend) after I receive your payment.
Depending on the size of the item, I will generally ship items in a bubble mailer or a cardboard box. If you would prefer one or the other, please specify in your comment.
I am not responsible for lost or damaged items once they leave my hands.
Tracking may cost extra and will not be included unless you request it.
Any and all paper tags will be protected.

Pikachu Choco-Lake cookie tin (no cookies) $19 shipped in US
Absol Petit strap $12.50 shipped in US
Jolteon plush strap $13 shipped in US SOLD

(Legend of Zelda Sales)

Thanks so much for looking and happy collecting everybody! Hope you all are as hyped up for Pokemon Sun and Moon as I am *o*

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