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Small gets!

Today I got some new things in the mail, including some hard to find items.


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gattai! Battle Mountain Playsets Raikou and Suicune!

What's even better they arrived as a whole set MIP! These playsets are small, but nice. Unfortunately the figures are very sticky to the touch :( I was afraid that Raikou would fall from his cloud while displayed, but he quickly glued himself to it thanks to its stickiness xD

Tomys painted with nail polish Metallic Tomy figures of Entei and Suicune released for the 10th anniversary of Pokemon movie.

The only new thing here is clear Suicune; now I finally have a complete set of Pokemon Action figures! :D

And here's a group shot of sets 4 and 5. So many Johto Pokemon <3

This pin was super elusive for me to find for some reason. But I finally got it and even MIP!

Entei and Lugia Banpresto phonestrap. I only knew about Entei+Suicune and Pikachu+Lugia version. Makes me wonder if there's a Pikachu+Suicune version somewhere.

That's all for now, thank you for reading <3
Tags: empoleon, entei, leafeon, lugia, raikou, suicune
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