tsuiling (tsuiling) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS Gift

I got my gift a couple of days ago. :) But I did not have time until today to take pictures and post.

The box has a lot of Pikachu stickers and cutouts decorating it. :) It was exciting just to see it. But this is one of the ones on the side.

Inside of the box

I love the card! Its so cute!!
Who is my SSS Gifter? :)

We are definitely a lot alike! Its pikachux

Pikachux drew some lovely pictures for me

Plush and Cards :)

A scarf and necklace.

A soft fuzzy throw and a pouch.

Thank you pikachux
I am very happy with this gift. :)  I haven't been able to stop looking at them. I hope I was not too hard to shop for. But you probably could easily guess what I would like. You certainly surprised me with many of the items! I can't wait to add them to my collection page. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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