Riyko (riyko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reintroduction and Sales

I figured i'd reintroduce myself since I've been in here a while I think 2008ish. I'm Riyko and i'm a 29 year old single mom, I'm a togepi, togetic and togekiss collector with the focus on togepi. My daughter loves Pikachu (like her grandma) and clefairy. I live in the US, but i've lived in Canada and Chile as well. I'm going to get back into buying more togepi stuff once I unpack my collection (shh she doesn't realize we've returned from Chile yet haha). Nice to meet everyone who is new here and to see all of those who were here from way back when. I will be doing a collection update post when everything is unpacked and placed where it belongs.

I also have some sales here :D
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