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It's SSS (Special Spring Spectacular) Time!

So, it was a Friday...

It was gloomy, windy day with signs of an oncoming rainstorm in the sky. I was... doing absolutely nothing, when the doorbell rang! (Riveting person I am, I know.)
I open the door...

And a spider falls on me.

No that, really actually happened.

So, after commiting spider-cide, Muffet-style, I found a box on my doorstep. I wasn't too sure what to expect it was, as it was too heavy to be any of my recent purchases. So, I settled down in the middle of my living room, box cutter in hand and cats eagerly surrounding me for the second the box was empty and became their new play thing. I opened it to reveal...


And it was at that moment I knew, my time to do my once in a Blue Moon pkmncollectors post had arrived.

Haha! Alright, all silliness aside, I'm ready to start gushing about this extrodinary gift I received fromchikachikorita! The candy was the first thing I happened to see. And ooh what candy I got!! As of this post, I have now tried both of them.

Hazelnut truffles - Oh man, what a choice! Hazelnut is one of my very favorite flavors for chocolate, and as a truffle, these are exquiste. More savory then overcomingly sweet; just the right mix.

Almond and Pistachio macaroons (I'm seeing a nut theme) - I've had very few macaroons in my life, so I wasn't sure to expect but these two nuts are also some of my favorites so I was eager to try them. These have a very rich, surprising sweetness to them, the almond being very primary in taste and the pistachio just a hint which is actually really delicious!

I probably shouldn't spend so much time on candy (I love sweets, I may have an addiction to sugar); So, now let's get to the bulk of the gift and what you all came here to see. Pokemon!!

Double the Fennekin, double the fun!

Fennekin is a collection I picked up shortly after it's announcement with Generation 6, but being a starter, it's extremely merch-heavy as a lot of my other collections are (Rayquaza, Pikachu and Shaymin are major culprits; Jolteon too in these past years), so I haven't been able to spare a lot to really bulk out this particular collection. So this had been the main Pokemon I had asked for since I knew there would be a better chance of my gifter being able to locate stuff both successfully and easily.

The pitapoke is absolutely adorable! I have Jolteon's but I never got Fennekin's, so I'm happy to have it as an addition to my fire foxes. These little figures are just the best!

The cards are also super cute. My TCG side for all my collections is disappointingly low; one day, I've really got to catalogue them and figure what I need because I love TCG artwork. I certainly don't have this one. Look at him all adorable and curled up~

Also, right behind that is the card - taped closed with a splendid pikachu sticker!

The card in all its punny glory. I got a nice little message inside too! I have a little box I keep all my cards in, so I'll be putting this in there for safekeeping.

And look! They drew us! Look at how darling we are! Can't. Handle. Magnificence!

Moving on, here is the most exciting part of the post, the part I'm most eager to get to:




It's SO precious. I don't even have words over how much I appreciate chikachikorita for taking the time to make this little guy for me! The tsum tsum style translates very well for Jolteon. He's got stubby little feets and a teensy tail and, probably my favorite feature of all, the cutest little triangle ears!! He's so soft too~!
His spikes become like a mane; so you know what that means - obligatory Lion King name is obligatory. I've decided on Kion, after the Lion Guard's main charater (because Simba's too easy, Scar is not appropriate, and Mufasa just sounds ridiculous).

Lastly but never least, is the socks! I actually don't have much in the way of clothing merch, and these socks are just the raddest things around. Look at those sick lightning bolts and that sharp yellow color. (Yeah I had to bring out my 90's slang for these fly babies.) To be frank, I didn't even know these existed, so it's a unique addition I'm surprised to have gotten and glad to have!

So, my post is coming to an end, and all I have left to say is thank you from the bottom of my heart and forever and ever, chikachikorita! Every bit of this gift has warmed me up inside and I will treasure every piece of it! I can tell how much care you put into this and I can only hope in return, you can feel my love across cyberspace for all you have generously given!

As a final parting, everyone remember at the beginning of my post when I said Friday had been a gloomy day?

Well, the thing about gloomy days is, they never last forever. In fact, they can become the most beautiful of all:

Thank you all for joining me today, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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