m14mouse (m14mouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Sales+SSS!

I got my lovely SSS gift this week. Many thanks to comsicxlove!

 photo GEDC1012_zpsn2qk8eet.jpg

I squeed a little bit when I saw the clearfiles. My little bug and my beautiful Gardevoir<3. I have been eating the Hi-Chews like nothing else. Yummy! ^__^

I have updated my sales with a sticker book that has everyone! Best part? ^__^ I am selling them for .25 a piece.

Don't worry...next month, I will be back with my lovely figures (I have made two so far...and I am working on a water pokemon now!) and monthly gets (Guess who got a Pichu at Target?) :)
Tags: sales, sss
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