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New collection setup!

Hi all!

I haven't posted for a while and wanted to show my new setup and get your opinions on my collection as it is now. ;v;

So, for anyone who isnt already aware I collect the Heliolisk line, Umbreon and Charizard. It started out with just Umbreon as my favourite, then when Helioptile was revealed I fell in love. Charizard was supposed to only be a side collection, but things happen I suppose - no regrets!

If you've seen my collection posts in the past, you'd know that my plush were all separate from the rest of the items and Heliolisk/Helioptile and Umbreon were housed together in a small cabinet. I'm so happy that they each have their own shelf now!

Charizard shelf:

Heliolisk and Helioptile shelf:

Umbreon shelf:

Thanks so much for looking, you might even be able to tempt me to buy things of these guys I don't have... so throw your sales posts at me too. ;u;
Tags: charizard, heliolisk, helioptile, umbreon
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