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Looking to Trade TCG/Art for Lillipup line merch!

Hey Everybody! :D

Hope everyone is enjoying spring and SSS :)

I received some plush in the mail (which will be in an upcoming update), and the seller included a Stoutland MPC that I had expressed interest in due to my plush being delayed for almost two months.

I collect Herdier, and that Stoutland made me want to collect the entire Lillipup line!!! :D
Plus, I have a huge Scottish heritage (two clans, yay!), so the Scottish terrier pokémon really appealed to me :3

I'm looking to trade TCG or art for any stoutland, lillipup, or herdier figures and plush if anyone is interested (though I have all of the official herdier stuff) :)
Let's see those pups (even looking for the bootie figures, especially of herdier)!

Feedback located here-

I recently learned what shadowless base set cards were, and I have a stack of them (I didn't go through trainers or energies yet, so ask if you need any of those!!!)
I also have these-
Greninja BREAK and FA Tyranitar EX

I also have a large TCG binder. I have cards ranging from base set through early B/W era cards, and a few from double crisis,ancient origins, break, etc. If you're looking for anything, feel free to ask! :)

I'm also offering art!
Examples can be found at www.kingdragonart.deviantart.com

The bulk of my wants aren't too over the top expensive, so I'm hoping to knock off a few!

Thanks for reading!!!

~ Ebon

P.s. I'm looking to add associates to my collection site, so if you're interested, let me know! :D

Tags: custom, figures, herdier, lillipup, plush, stoutland, tcg, trading, wanted, wants
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