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Introduction Post - Hello!

Hi there! I'm Manlysharpedo! You can call me Manly or Sharp ! Under the cut is my introductory post, I'm currently in between moving and so most of my goodies are packed up but the ones that are left out I thought I'd share!

Hey there! So about 5-6 years ago I use to be a part of the community but due to health and school I was forced to take a hiatus and disappeared unexpectedly! I use to go by rubymight ! I can no longer log into the account due to it being so old- but I wanted to rejoin the community because of the kindness and just fun I use to have here! So I've evolved into MANLYSHARPEDO! With permission from nysaurus !

Phew! Now that my backstory is out of the way let me tell you a bit about myself!

I'm an artist and currently in university! I love pokemon ever since I was young and continued to love it through my years! I love drawing pokemon and here are some examples of some of the pokes I've drawn! (The doodle at the top isn't my best work but it works for this entry! ;v; )

I'm a big first generation fan but overall I enjoy all the gens! Especially luxray and elekid! <3 My favourite pokemon is NIDOKING THOUGH!

I also love custom plushies! I feel they have something special about them! The vectribell was custom! He doubles as a backpack that you can wear and you can put sutff in him! :D I got the pikachu off etsy! He's so adorable and cute!

Next up is a few of my pokemon posters! the lengendary dogs I got from a seller here long ago and its still one of my most prized possessions! I"ll be having them framed shortly! The others are prints I got at a convention ! Expect for the small painting of nidoking and rhydon I got that here too and i just love it so much!! <3

I'm hoping to make some new friends and see other collections and just bond with others! I'm really excited and nervous! I hope to make a show off post later on when Im all unpacked and everything is displayed nicely! <33

Thanks for reading ! <3

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