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SSS Gets 2016!

Hey everyone, after sending out my SSS gift to majora1990 and admiring his amazing photo story about his own present from me, I've been patiently awaiting for my own gift to arrive!
Come see what I found at my doorstep Wednesday night!

Alright, so this SSS get was very unique because on Wednesday, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with samo22 and her husband as they visited the area in which I live in! The two of us had become great friends over Twitter, and Samantha has been such a beacon of inspiration through a great time of difficulty in my life. We went to my local zoo with our Pokemon plushies and had a beautiful evening, observing many animals, such as the lion cubs, be fed their dinners by zookeepers! In all my years of living next to the zoo, I have never seen so many of these rare occurrences! Viewing my hometown through the eyes of tourists was also enlightening, since I've been super fed up with my mundane life here. Their awe and appreciation of the natural beauty of Colorado really helped remind me that I should be grateful for where I live!

Here's my partner that you probably know by now, Lotus, making friends with the snakes in the reptile house! :3

And here's Lotus and Sam's Japanese Turtwig Pokedoll sitting inside an old airplane that they keep near the elephant exhibit! Little kids like to run inside the plane and pretend to be pilots, but we decided to risk it and go in ourselves! I was the first to chicken out and jump back out in fear of the fragile plane breaking from three adults' weight. I watched that one episode of Lost and that was ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT.

After a fun dinner at none other than Taco Bell (don't you dare try to bash the Bell from Hell on this thread, we love it! x'D) we returned to my place to sift through Pokemon cards and show off my Pokemon smothered room, but as I walked through the door, I noticed a stange box with a cute Snivy sticker (that unfortunately was too stuck to the tape to come off). My heart rate sped up as I realized my gift had finally arrived!!!! AND A FELLOW COLLECTOR FRIEND WAS THERE TO WATCH ME OPEN IT! :DDDD

The first thing I found under all the green wrapping paper was this little Pokemon Center Snivy finger puppet plush! I was having extreme difficulty finding this little guy for a reasonable price, with eBay prices being around $15 for a tiny puppet?! I was thrilled to get this little guy for a gift instead! Some things are better to receive as gifts than buying for yourself! I decided to name him Bunraku after the traditional Japanese puppeteering.

Lotus: "This Snivy doesn't have legs? And people make fun of my normal line losing its limbs through evolution! This takes things to a completely new level of absurdity…"

Bunraku: "Chu! <3"

Lotus: "…I guess he's still kinda cute, even without legs!"

I just love the back of the tag!

Next up, I found my favorite candy!!!!! Whoever got this gift for me really paid attention to my form! And omg, it's the 8 foot long pack… Usually I have to get the small packs from the gas station, so this will last me a while! <3333

Small goodies galore! I actually needed the Espurr in the bread basket in English (normal and reverse holo) still, so it went straight into my flats binder! I have so many of the Pokekyun Espurr after buying a box and ordering more, but I use spares of my favorite cards for collages or bookmarks, and Espurr with a princess crown is definitely one of my favorite cards EVER.
I didn't have these two trettas yet either, so those went into my flats binder as well! Servine is sparkly, which makes it extra special!
I have not tried the two tin cookies yet, but I'm super excited to, since I've loved the cookies from my water type and Espurr Wanted tins in the past!
And then, this cute origami cat! But wait, isn't that Jiji's mate from Kiki's Delivery Service?! I actually have a sweatshirt with Jiji in multiple poses with his whole family at the bottom, so I recognized this kitty head immediately!

But wait! It doesn't end there!

A Pokemon Time Espeon strap! :D I'm always so lazy when it comes to buying figure straps, so this is yet another thing that I was happier to get as a gift rather than for myself!

Sam and her husband: "Look! There's something else behind the strap!"


Lotus: "Is this what I think it is?!? :o"

It is none other than the old original Espeon Pokemon Time strap??? HOW. I DON'T DESERVE.

I was literally shocked! When I put this on my wants list, I didn't ever imagine someone would ever gift me such a rare piece of merchandise! ;w;

I forgot to look at the bookmarks until I took pictures, so here's what's hiding behind both straps!

I think the recent Eeveelution straps just have the bookmark of the associated Pokemon behind it (still gorgeous though) but I laughed when the old Espeon had Geodude! I honestly didn't even know he was part of the promo. And why he has candy in the pattern. x'D

So who was the amazing human being that got me all of this stuff?!
None other than the adorable Eevee lover,syminka! Another one of my good Twitter friends that has been supportive in my time of darkness! I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing SSS gift. I have participated in this swap for 3 years and it feels like each year gets better and better!

I'll be back with a small collection update soon, and some pre-Japan sales before my trip in June!

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