zamakiko (zamakiko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Exciting applause get!!

You know those times when you snag something on eBay and you are so excited about it you can't even wait till it arrives to post to the community? This is one of those posts.

Story time:
So maybe you saw my post a couple of days back about falling in love with applause plush and wanting to start collecting them. Well I figured no time like the present to get on eBay and grab my next set. I hopped on to and was searching for a couple of them when I came across a listing of a lot of 11 of them with a starting price of 13.99. I of course was internally screaming, but this was a brand new posting and there was plenty of time for things to change. I kept that window open for SIX DAYS. I was obsessively checking it every day to see if anything had changed. Of course nothing has.

Till tonight, when the auction was set to end as I was riding my bus back to school after break. I didn't trust the bus internet so I hadn't friend bid on it for me. I don't think my heart has beaten so hard as when I watched the countdown (eBay will do that to you), but my friend managed to snag it. $10 under my limit, no less. And so now, I present to you my new applause plushie via the eBay pic

I'm still reeling a bit, but I'm so excited for them to come! Especially that abra plush, he's so cute!!

Side note to my SSS- if by chance you were super quick and bought me an applause after my last post which is in this lot, don't worry, I plan to get a bunch of duplicates! (If you already sent it out like a week ago and it should have arrived, it probably has, I've just been on spring break and will be able to pick it up tomorrow.)
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