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How To Wash Your Pokedolls!!

Hello everyone! Im back with another picture tutorial, this time its on washing your Pokedolls! The doll I am washing is the 12 inch PBP Charizard but this method should work for minky, fleece, and longer pile fabrics alike! Im sure there are other methods to doing this but this is one I have always found worked for me.

First, you take your doll and put it in a bath of room temp water!

((Continued under the cut!!))

1. Make a bath for your doll of room temp water! Dont use hot water as this can damage your fabric.

2. Soak your plushie in the water until its all wet!

3. Take some Woolite Gentle Detergent (Woolite is the BEST brand for dedicates) and put some on a rag. Then gently scrub your plush!

Look at that murky water! I got this guy used and he smelled like musk so this is proof that he needed a bath...

4. Now rinse your plush out WELL! You dont wany any soap left in it!

5. Gently squeeze any water that is in your plush out with your hands. Once you have done that you can set your plush on a towel.. fold it to where there is towel over and under your plush and then apply pressure! This helps soak up even more water.

Look at the Charizard shaped wet spot hahah!

6. Once you manually get as much water out of your plush as you can you should brush the pile of the fabric in the direction its supposed to go in. Fur fabric and minky have directions they are supposed to go in if your plush is fleece then skip this step!

Use a boar hair brush or some other soft brush, wire brushes can hurt your plush and normal hair brushes dont work.

6. Now to dry your plush! You can set it on top of a fan or let a fan blow on it to help it dry faster. Alternatively you can put it in the dryer but you should put it on low heat or no heat/air fluff. NO HEAT is the safest setting but if your toy is older the safest way is to let it air dry.

Once your plush is dry you can brush it out again if needed but other than that you should be done!

Note: There is more than one method to wash a plush! You can always research if you feel like this wont work. Again this is just how I do it since its always worked for me. This is better for SMALL-MEDIUM sized plushies! Large plushes are a completely different process. To get an idea on how to wash a large plush you can look at my post here:

I hope this was helpful to some folks! If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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