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Member for 3 years: it's time for my first anniversary post ^^ + French PokéCen rumour

Hello everyone o/
I've seen several anniversary posts recently, and it made me realize that I've been a member of the community for almost 3 years and never done any anniversary post before :O So it's time to do it!
I want to start with a nostalgic memory: my first post
I was very touched by the warm welcome :3
As you can notice, the anniversary should actually be in May. But for two reasons I've decided to make it earlier.
1) I'll have exams in May/July
2) I've just made new settings in my room

Before sharing with you my Poké-room, maybe I should reintroduce myself o/
So I'm still Yann, a twenty-five-year-old French Pokéfan. I've played Pokémon since the very beginning with Red, and then continued with all the games of the main series. Actually, I fell back into my Poké-childhood (this name reminds me something haha) at the university, and then discovered the Shiny Pokémon and decided to collect them. And it's only in 2011 that I started to collect goodies.
I remember when I received my first plushies and was shocked how tiny they were x) I couldn't imagine that I would have more than 700 ones five years later :O
Then I joined this community and found a lot of nice collectors. Besides, I feel very happy every time I read their kind messages :3 I also met raikourai at the Pokémon Center Paris! (hoping we'll get a new one, but let's keep that for the end). In addition, this community allowed me to get awesome plushies, such as Pokémon Time Wailord or WCS Pikachus, that I would probably not own otherwise. Thank you for that :)

And now let's see what my collection looks like in 2016 o/
For too many years, I've been saying that I want to build some shelves in order to have my plushies displayed. Unfortunately, I always postpone this moment because I prefer to spend my money in goodies since they are not available for ever unlike wood ^^ But seeing all my plushies inside boxes makes me sad. Thus, last week I decided to free some of them which not necessarily require wooden shelves.

Follow Pancham ^^

So let's start with the figures

I brought friends to the Hoenn/Kalos legendaries in the middle shelf because it was finally quite empty. So now it's more or less a Mascot legendaries shelf ^^ But I have to display them better.

On the left there is a little folding sofa with the Snorlax. They are planned to be joined by two other ones. Thus Mudkip will have to move ^^

Darkrai and Giratina are waiting in their boxes until I build their shelf ^^

On the left again, we have the Substitute which fit perfectly under my bed ladder

Togekiss, which was in transit on the Snorlax sofa at some point, finally found his own place with birds buddies

Below, in the little closet, we have Pink and Fairy Pokémon. They look like candies, love them :3 I'm waiting for San-ei Ditto cushion before making a real display.

Under my bed, a nice place to work :)

So you recognize the Frogs I showed you last time

"You shall not pass !!!" ^^

Behind there are the Pokédolls showcase and the newest Grass space o/

The Grass Pokémon had to be near the Hanafuda cards since they are "flower cards".
I hope I'll find Zapdos soon and complete the trio <3

The space is quite narrow, but then it makes me think of a tree so I'm happy ^^

Next we have the Pokédolls (and Shiny Pokémon on the top)

One of the series which surprisingly hasn't got any merch for a while (what about Bandai Kids and Tomy Zukan ?)

Then, like everyone, I succumbed to the Eevees attraction ^^

And let's end with my bed, or rather my Pika-bed ^^

I was planning to put clear files or other flat items on the wall, but due to the lack of space I'm now considering to make some little shelves to display more Pikachus such as the Monthly ones for example :3

Thank you for reading this special post o/ I didn't comment every picture because I'm tired but I hope you liked them anyway :)

And now let's talk about the rumour of a new French Pokémon Center. There's actually nothing official at the moment and maybe it's just an error, but here are the facts and hypothesis:
On the French Pokémon20 website, an exclusive item has an interesting description: "Le coffret Dresseur d'élite de Générations du JCC Pokémon n'est disponible que via le Centre Pokémon. Jeter un coup d'œil." >> "The Pokémon TCG Generations Elite Trainer box is only available via Pokémon Center. Take a look."
What? But we don't have any Pokémon Center since 2014 :O
At first I thought it was a bad translation (especially because there's a conjugation mistake for the verb "jeter"). But like I said, this is an exclusive item which not appears on any other website at the moment. So what does it mean ?
Some think that we will get a Pokémon Center for the second time. As for me, I'm more tempted by the idea of an online store. However, why just France ? I thought that if it had to happen it would be for whole Europe (or at least EU). Anyway, I'm waiting for more info and don't want to have too much hope, because in 2014 I was very excited and then disappointed by the lack of exclusive merch (but retrospectively it was a really great event, even if they hadn't enough stock ^^). So, wait and see o/

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