Lindsay (linameerun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New friend, wants and sales update!

Hello hello everyone! grail.jpg

First I want you all to meet my new Zigzagoon buddy! :D

Isn't he cute!! :D He is the first unofficial plush! I thought he was made by Oly Factory, but I forgot xD
He is my biggest plush so far! And even my mom likes it, she says this is my best Zig plush so far! :D Well I am very happy with the custom plushes I have too! People have put many time in them, so they are special to me <3 But this pretty one has a special place in my heart as well! <3 welcome to my zig family! <3

Second, I want to show my want list again, because I updated it a lot!
Please click here to take a look, or click the link:

And last but not least, a sales update!! Please click the banner below to take a look!

Of course Im always open for trades for ANYTHING at my want list!! :D (Im also open for trades for custom plushes/figures of Zig!)

Thanks for taking a look <3


Tags: sales, wants
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