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SSS GETS!! +the archives...

Hello everyone! Guess who got their SSS today?? :D I'm excited to share everything with you guys~! ^^

When I got the email that I had received a package, I literally went over in my pajamas without shoes to my apartment's office XD I didn't care I was excited! Now let's take a peek in the box...

My SSS got me....


A BUNNY?! WOAH! Seriously my gifted went ABOVE and beyond! And I mean, kudos for shipping a live animal and going through all that just...oh...wait...


It's Molly! My baby bunny! I guess she was excited to see what was inside too!
Now let's see what was really inside...


LITTLE TALES TINS!! I seriously fell in love with the most recent Little Tales promotion, so I'm happy to now have some items from it! :D ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY ARE TINS! I don't know why I love tins so much, but these are just too adorable :,) And they came with cookies!! :O

So whenever I've bought items that have contained food in them, I've always had them taken out to reduce shipping costs so this is the first time I've tried "Pokemon Food" :O I felt bad for eating them too with the cute designs being on them XD But oh my gosh these are SO good! They are crisp wafers with cream between them! They are going to be a wonderful occasional snack if I can keep myself from eating all of them >>

ANOTHER TIN! But this time with Milotic~! I actually already have this tin, but my old one has a scratch on the front cover RIGHT on Milotic's eye and it's been bothering me ever since I've started collecting @ -@ But this one's eye is intact! :D The sides are a bit dinged up but it definitely looks better than my older one so this is the one I'm going to display :D This was super thoughtful!
And it looks like there are things inside...

LIKE THIS MILOTIC PLUSH!! (That I forgot to photograph outside of the package...) I seriously don't know how this has eluded me for so long @ -@ Her first official plush! And she's so cute and tiny! I hope she gets a Pokedoll one day * u* This is the US Petit plush and I'm so happy to have her :D She'll be named Wyla :) Hopefully I can snag her Japanese brother Wallace soon! I'm also excited and curious to see what the difference is between this and the Japanese version!

EEEEEE FINALLY! My first non-flat Phantump item!! ; u; My Phantump collection is seriously lacking, mostly because most of the items are from the Spooky Party and Safari Camp promotions from last year that are now pretty hard to find and expensive * -* But now I have this pretty baby~! :D I can only hope for a zukan and/or kid figure in the future...


What's this? Open Carefully? I shall try...
The individual Trozei stickers!! :O Three of them! XD Individual stickers like these are really hard to find because they are very loseable considering their size. So I'm VERY happy to have these now! :D All I'm missing is another sticker form a sticker sheet and the magnet and I THINK (thought I'm probably not right) that will be all the Milotic Trozei items! :D

And the last item in the box! It has me very curious...

It' Mug ; u; I let out an audible squeal when I saw this! I seriously wasn't expecting it! What's funny is that when I went to Disney with my family over Christmas, I ALMOST bought this mug! But I opted for a plush and all some of his pins instead! If anyone didn't know, bunnies are seriously my life. Molly makes the 9th bunny I've owned! Oswald has been my favorite Disney character since I was little, my grandma actually owns an incredibly rare Stencil Set from around when the Disney/Universal Oswald scandal had happened :O I've been trying to start a collection, but I pretty much own the things of his released in the US, which isn't a lot because they just got the rights back to him only a few years ago. I'd have to get a lot of things from Japan which is way too expensive for my budget right now * -* So adding another Oswald item to my shelf is seriously amazing and I can't thank my gifter enough ; u;

Speaking of, my gifted turned out to be....
neko_dono250~! Thank you so much! These gifts are so thoughtful and I love them all! And thank you for being patient when I took forever to put up my website * -* I love everything! :D

Group photo!



It's time to dig deep into the Archives...

WARNING: You will find old items that you probably didn't know had existed before, will instantly want, and then realize that by now they are incredibly rare and expensive * -*

So first thing you want to do is click on this link

It will take you to this page


There's a search bar up top, you want to have the green tab selected

And then you'll input your search term! I've only done Pokemon names so far, but I'm sure you can look up things like "Pokemon Figure" or "Pokemon Plush" and still get results. As long as you search things in Japanese, you should find what you're looking for :) So how do you search for your Pokemon in Japanese? Google up your 'mon in Bulbapedia~!

Here we go! The Katakana (Japanese characters) will be in the description and above the picture. Just copy/past and search!

This is the first page that comes up, it shows the most recent completed auctions that include what you searched! Including the Banpresto Water Figure that I engaged in a bid war for and lost It'll also show what the item was won for! Only for recent items though, which is useful! But you need a membership to see older winning prices.

Now, to go farther back...


You'll see this column on the left hand side of the screen, just click a plus next to a year to open up the tab! You can then choose a month to look at! And just a quick Kanji lesson here

年 = year
月 = month
日 = day


I decided to go to July of 2008, and this is what showed up! Mostly Battrio XD But also that beautiful Dragon Seal * -*
Keep in mind, going back as far as 2007 will still bring up closed auctions, but there won't be any pictures. At least that's been true for the Pokemon I've searched so far!

I hope this helps you guys in your collecting endeavors! But like I said...proceed with caution...

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