Daniel (hawlucha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Feb commissions update, and Target question

Two things from me today!

The most important thing first, all February commissions are gonna be mailed tomorrow first thing in the morning. I once again thank you all for having been so patient with me, the past month has been really rough with a close family member in the hospital and stuff ;; but ANYWAY! Here are your finished tags! (except for schenzi's which had already been put in an envelope before I realized I should probably take a picture of the lot of them XD')
Gonna send all you guys a nice digital version of these as soon as possible, as well :)

Then, there's apparently going to be an event in Target stores on March 19th.
All details here:


Now my question is, is there any chance I could ever get to own that photo op (I presume) stand with Hawlucha? I know chances are very slim, but maybe some of you could try ask their local Target if they could have the stand after the day is over? Or, I don't know, something XD' I would go to a Target myself but I live in Italy so it's pretty impossible for me to do so! D:

This should be all from me for today! Thanks for reading and happy collecting!
Tags: custom, hawlucha, sales, wanted
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