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Holy cow...

I just won an eBay auction this evening that included an incredible item I never even expected to find in my whole time collecting, otherwise I would've had it on my grail list for ages! Click the cut to take a look.

To most people, this looks like a standard Pokemon plush lot, typical as to what you'd see on eBay. Toy Factory plush, Hasbros, etc...

But upon closer inspection, that's no ordinary Raichu...


It's the infamously rare misprint Hasbro Raichu! If it hadn't been for Gin's helpful info on this plush I read many moons ago (you can read about it here), I would've skipped over it thinking it was a bootleg. Here's the description she has for it on her website:

"Please also look to your RIGHT to see my extremely rare, possibly one of a kind (at the very least, the only one known to exist), factory error orange-eared Raichu Hasbro plush! He is 100% official with all tush and hang tags and completely perfect except for his accidental orange ears. A very unique and rare addition to my rat pack!!"

Now there are officially two of these confirmed to be out there, Gin! I'm so happy to have won this lot for a pretty fair price, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of the little guy when he arrives.

Ciao, everyone!
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