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Storage unit Prehaul

So we finally got to the storage unit (we being my mother and me). We didn't get every Pokemon item out of the unit, but we did get my toy box and my mother's box of miscellaneous McDonald/Burger King figures from the first few movies. (And a Pokemon bag of some treasures).

This is just the box of toys. They are mainly Pokemon, however you can see a Neopet hiding in there, too.
Anyways, in the cut below will be some cool things that we found, mainly in the second box we brought home, and my magical bag of treasures.

This was separate from any box, but I found it super cool and wanted to add them. The Cubone's pack is VERY discolored, and a little dent, but the figure is in perfect condition. (It even comes with a little bone. How cute~)
The Ego waffle cup was something you had to mail stuff in for, and my mother says she has another one still sealed. It is a syrup pourer...thing.
And then you have the League Badges. Originally, I was super sad, missing one of the badges (the Thunder badge), but remembered my mother was a horder of that stuff, and calmed down. XD It is cool to see some of the badges still in their packs, too.

These were a few coins we found randomly in a box of variois trading cards. I already owned the Celebi and the Pikachu coins, but the Blissey one was new and got me extra exited. I love the color, and rather happy it is in decant condition.

Here is closer photos of Cubone. There is a Pikachu box I have my eyes on in tbe unit, and I am just hoping these are actually real. There was a little vendor in our mall way back when who had Pokemon figures from Japan.

Now, onto the boxes.

This is just a few things I pulled out of the big, red box. Mainly Pikachu, as my Pikachu were mainly in storage. There is a few Eevee figures, including the original WITH HIS TAIL! My sister and I were super rough with our Pokemon, and ended up breaking many of them.

And if it was not us...

It was our dog. Most of our figures were safe from our dogs, but the few that were gotten...didn't survive very well.
It hurts me to say there was also a Raichu that was turned into a Dog toy, and I only have one. ;A; I am usually fine with damages on figures and such, but this was to far.

Just some larger figures that were in the way. None of them work anymore do to dead batteries, and the stadium was in the rain a few times. (We almost lost them all in a storm once).
I still remember Ash's sayings.
"Hey! Do you want to Battle? Are you a -FIRE- Pokemon Trainer?" He would turn on at random times and it was creepy. XD

Just another shot of the box, this time without the large TCG boxes in the way. I had a photo of all these guys a LOOOOOONG time ago all on my little coffee table. This was when Diamond and Pearl JUST came out. XD

But what I am really looking forward to showing...is what was in the box of my MOTHER'S stuff.

There were a BUNCH of these in the second box, although some are missing. I have a photo of all that was in there...but I don't want to have so many photos, so I'll just show a few more.

I find it hilarious how, back when Pokemon 2000 came out, this Pidgeot was made in THAT particular pose. It is like they KNEW!

Of course, I snatched the only Pikachu that was in the box and have him in my RAPIDLY growing Pikachu collection...that right now resides in a box.

This is the bag they would come in. There were Twenty-four different Pokemon you could get. That is a heck of a lot.

Here is a random bag from Walmart. ...I am surprised my mother kept this...seeing as she doesn't really like Walmart. XD

Our movie tickets to Pokemon 2000. I don't know why, but seeing these makes me so happy, I wanted to show you all.

This was another fast food kids toy.. but I don't really remember them. I like this, because it is Ho-Oh. (And the game boy color is Purple).
there is also a Pidgeot of this, too. They KNEW!

You might have seen this in an earlier picture. This Pikachu is just SO adorable, and it going into my room once it is clean. So adoralbe!

no title
Here is a strange item I found, and have no clue what it was from.

Pez! There is also a Charmander, but I didn't see it under later. I snatched the Mew for later.

My mother says this is from an ice cream pop. Never knew this was a thing.

My old League book! I was WAY to young to understand what on earth was going on, but I still have one.
No, but my sister's book...that is a different story.

I took it in an odd way to keep from showing my last name, which was writen on there. But yep! All 8 badges! I knew I didn't need to worry! My other sister (the one who also collects Pokemon), mom, and dad also had a booklet.

Here is something really cool! I had no clue this was a thing, and goes to show just what my mom saved. I don't think we ever been in the Pokemon Center, do I cannot remember where this was gotten. But it is here.

The final thing I want to show is what was in the magical bag:

This. Magical bag, which we got while up in Orlando many years ago...

It might not seem like much, but this was from the first, actual Worlds that Game Freak held. I remember the day so well. Seeing Firered and Leafgreen for the first time, watching Jirachi, Wish Maker, and seeing the longest line ever (for a signing of Masuda, himself...which we didn't know at the time. :/). This was one of the BEST days of my life. I am just depressed we didn't take photos. I also have a shirt.

I have a few questions about some items before I go. These were also in our boxes, but were given to us by my grandmother up in New York, so we didn't say anything.

First, we have two different shades of Gengar Tomy figures. I just found it odd how there are two different shades, and feel one is fake.

These are the things my grandmother would send us. (Yes. Mr. Bulbasaur is very much...distroyed. Most of the plushes have NO tush tags, or they say "Made China" aside from one plush. The Meowth.

The second I saw that, I suddenly grew confused. Is it made from Tomy, or is it just another counterfeit? I feel like I saw this on the community, too. Is he a Mirage plush?
I would love to know.

Lastly, there is this Pikachu. (The one on the right). Was there ever a shiny veriant of this Pikachu...or is it due to the heat of Florida/the Storage Unit? Even if he isn't officially shiny, I will still keep him. I think it is cool. X3

Welp. That is it for me. C: My phone is almost dead, so it is time I rap up.
Thank-you all for reading. I am so happy to finally start showing off some of my things.
Hopefully I can find an answer to the questions I have. :3 Have an amazing day!
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