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SSS gets!!! (and small sales update)

I just checked LJ today and saw the couple of posts made by people who got their SSS stuff today. I receive mine today, too and just had to post about it because I was so excited and happy! This was my first one, too!! Hehehe

When I received an email from my university post office with the tracking number, I checked the info and what I saw confused me because I wasn't expecting any packages at the moment. (I have one coming soon but that has yet to be shipped, so I knew that wasn't it) At the same time, based on the tracking information, I had a really good hunch who it was from but still considered the possibility it was probably some other package I had somehow forgotten about.

But anyway, as soon as I got the email, I made a quick trip to pick up the package and this is what I saw:

Clearly Pokemon-related! And really well-drawn, too!

Then I turned the box around. And again. And again. Each one a pic of one of my favorite Pokemon. (I have so many lol)

The message written for Latios made me chuckle haha. But it's still ten times better than what I would have been able to come up with.

Then, I looked at the shipping label and yup, my hunch was right all along: it was from mercurrix! I had bought things from her before, so straight away I knew this was going to be good. In spite of that, I definitely did not anticipate what was about to come.

So, I carried the box to a place where I could open the box in peace and when I did, I saw this straight away:

I figured it was SSS-related as I was opening it but I was still really surprised to see that it actually was!

It basically feels like Christmas all over again!!

Anyway, I first started with the grey bag, which had a small card for me, which I read. Then, I opened the presents, one by one.

First up: Yveltal plamo! (with a note explaining that the stripes were painted on, which I wouldn't have noticed otherwise)

Then, some Palkia straps. I love the roaring ones the best. I'm sure she picked up on that when she looked through my past posts lol

Zekrom strap figure!

Mewtwo Chupa!

Latios/Latias hand towel that I've been keeping an eye on for about a month. And now I have one for myself. Thank you so, so much!

And the biggest get of all (in more ways than one) - the Zekrom lotto figure!! I've been trying to save up money to buy one ever since I joined the community, but other transactions kept getting in the way and I never quite had a chance to snag one. And now, I get to have one in my hands. He's so...beautiful!!!! OMG. I was freaking out inside as I unwrapped it, because I definitely didn't see this coming. I had completely forgotten that the box my SSS stuff came in wasn't exactly the smallest and in my excitement, had never tried to figure out why. Anyway, yeah this thing, with the base, is about 8 1/2 inches tall - definitely the biggest Zekrom figure I own (and probably the biggest one out there, too). It looked amazing in all the pictures of it I've seen and now that I'm finally actually holding one in my hands, it feels surreal! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! You are the best!!

This is where the giant Zekrom figure sits on my desk now - right in front of me. So I can stare at it every now and then when I do work hehehe. I feel like a little kid all over again.

Thank you so much for everything!! I definitely wasn't expecting this, and I also definitely wasn't expecting this much stuff, either!! As a typical college student on a college budget, trying to imagine the total value of all these goods is something I can't grasp atm, so I'm truly at a loss for words, other than the fact that I am so, so grateful. Everything was so well done!! And I know I did mention that I really love giant Pokemon figures because they're so cool and they feel so life-like and all but I didn't actually expect to get one for SSS! Wowowow. Okay, I'll stop rambling now haha

To my SSS giftee, I hope to send mine out at the end of this month, at latest. I have a few more things coming in, hopefully by the end of this week or the beginning of the next :)

Finally, sales plug. I added a pretty rare Lugia TOMY battle pose figure (picture below). I'm trying to clear out as much stuff as I can before I leave college once and for all in two months and I'm trying to go on a trip this summer so any help that I can get is definitely much appreciated. Prices are always negotiable, too, so come check out what I have :)

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! Hopefully your SSS experience will leave you all feeling as happy as I did!
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