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Spring Secret Swap

Today was the day ^_^


I got home and on the kitchen table, a package was waiting for me. Wynaut decided to help me open it.


Wow, there are a lot of colorful things wrapped up in here! Wynaut already found a smiling face to greet him ^_^


Who was my SSS gifter? It was giratina :) I was trying to remember if we had exchanged messages or items before, but I think today was the first time.


Wynaut wanted to see everything right away, so he started taking each little wrapped thing out of the box.


On top, there were two beautiful drawings - Victini and Xerneas. Wow, they're so well done! I love them <3 Victini is such a sweet Pokemon and Xerneas is so stately.


Now, what's in these bubble wrappings...

Ah, it's Victini! Actually, two Victinis - a big figure and a super-tiny 'Tini, hehe. The big figure is really nice and the expression and pose of the little one are simply adorable. The drawing blends right in with them :D


Wynaut thinks little Victini is his own lucky Victory Pokemon... :P


Wynaut assembled big Victini in a hurry because he was so excited, but he slowed down enough so I could get photos of the next one, hehe.


Wow! A Legendary Pokemon! Wynaut, we have to help him...


Xerneas appeared!!

It's a poseable Xerneas figure. Wow, he's majestic ^_^ His colorful horns shimmer look like they're glowing. It's a beautiful figure. I love how he and the drawing go together.

I almost stopped there, but remembered there was one more surprise in the box...


It's a Xerneas Pokedoll! <3 *hugs*


Xerneas was the first legendary Pokemon that I caught, but I never had any plush or figures of him before. I was thrilled when I saw him peeking through the bubble wrap :)

Xerneas is very soft and the detail on his eyes, tail, and body is beautiful. When you look closely, you can even see that the colors up and down each horn change like they do in the artwork. Giratina wrapped the tag carefully to keep it safe (thank you). The tag art is lovely.


Wynaut gathered everyone for a group photo.


Thank you so much, giratina, for your wonderful gift :) I love every part of it. <3 (I'm still hugging Xerneas as I try to type this^^)

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