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Yay! Collection Updates!

So I've been very busy on Y!Japan and eBay lately collecting things! A lot of messaging sellers! I'm still awaiting a few VERY exciting gets of things I've been after for a while that I found for A STEAL! :D Plus a HUGE get! I was posting grail sales for a Gold Magikarp tomy that had popped up for sale, but I had decided that $500 was really the highest I wanted to go and $800 was far too much for one, so I put the money towards something even bigger and what I felt was worth the $800. Without further ado! Some updates

All Photos can be clicked to be enlarged!

First up! A side collection that is slowing becoming less of a side and more of a main! D: I'm so addicted to him now! He's so beautiful! I love how Vibrant Ho oh is! He's so lovely! <3

Some new special gets from this collection I'd like to point out:

CLEAR KIDS!!!! AHHH AND FIRE WINGS! You would not believe HOW many times I missed out on fire wings ho oh and not only did I get fire wings, not only 24 hours later I get CLEAR FIRE WINGS! AHHH!!!
Plus the beautiful MC+ figure. These figures are soooo nice <3 they're so well made! I usually favor banpresto figures becuase they're usually great quality *like my lovely new keychains* but Tomy did oh so right on the MC+ figures! Speaking of banpresto, I got the wonderful 2 new banpresto keychains from wonderful community members! I did buy a non pearly banpresto hooh keychain of eBay but they sent another Pearly one T-T so I returned it and got a refund. But I'd still really like one!

Here's some new plush I've gotten for Ho Oh (THANK YOU stalkingsuicune <3 much love your way!) And long story short, my ex moved to Arizona about 1.5 years ago. Lately as I get more of my collections out of storage I've noticed things missing... well he stole them from me. I'm looking to replace these two plush I used to have MWT for not too much as I did buy them retail :C

The Jakks Pacific Plush and the US PC Plush. Please let me know if you have them for a good price T-T My poor beautiful fire birds...

Next up, my little Zard Collection. My ex ended up running off (cough *stole* cough) with my zard figures and I'm slowly getting them back. I still need to replace the clear zard kid looking to the right and the hasbro figure WITH his flamethrower :C

Next up, the Karps! AHHHHH Thank you chain for Shiny Dos Plush! FINALLY! I got one for less than $300! I've made a few Facebook Group purchases to help me along here and a few cheap y!japan PikaKarp bank for $20...but his ear broke off in transit to FJ :C I'll be adding the new gets to my collection site later on today!

But, I think I finally have all the gyrados kids minus the standing clear kid! Which I'd very much like if you have one! :D

Lastly, I haven't added too much to this but I'd like to make a special mention to my new pokemon time rubber strap (just purchased the strap figure off eBay for $12 :D) and the new Pokedoll Figure set! I love the figures! I was on the fence of keeping them all in the box and just keeping Lucario and Pikachu, BUT THEY'RE SO NICE!!! I'm sorry to the people doing the group buy! D: I was at work and it popped up on my notification for ebay searches and I freaked since I thought Riolu was planning on selling them here T-T MANY APOLOGIES!!!

And you thought I wouldn't include any entei's >:3 Well...I wasn't, I forgot :X Some new Entei's!

A nice cheap Y!Japan get! The cookie tin! Tried to take a photo so it showed just Entei. A new MIB Entei Friend's plush! WEWT!!!
Some derpys from bubble.

2 Bandai cards from eBay, and a sticker sealdass. I bought one in case the GA wasn't won but I ended up winning one in the GA too so now I have 2! I plan on actually using the stickers in the second one for work :3

Well that's all for now! I did finally manage to get MOST of my tomys out of storage and up for display but I need another media shelf.

Also, I'd very much like this banpresto keychain:
(it's the non pearly version of my pearly one) I'm looking to do $12+shipping for one! Thanks!
Thanks for looking!
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