bulbybulbasaur (bulbybulbasaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS Surprise! <3

Time to share my SSS gift ^^

I don't have a super cool photostory D:

BUT that doesn't change how awesome my gift was! <3

So first off, it was from toda!

I don't believe we have spoken before on the community, so hello there and thank you for this amazing gift I am about to share!

Onto the gift!

Here are a few pictures of the box and my cute little card ^^

And here is all of my stuff out of the box!

Look how amazing!!! <3333

Let me just say, I have been dying for this applause plush! I have put off buying it FOREVER, and now I finally have it! Squeeeee!

Ive also been putting off buying the cosplay Pikachus as well, and look, my favorite one out of them is now all mine!!! More squeeee <333

The figures are adorable as well! I got some for my SSS partner and thought they were so cute! Now I have my own!

There is also some gummy snacks and tissues! Havent tried the gummies yet but I'm sure they are great!

And a few last photos of their new home ^^

I really need to reorganize everything >.>

Anyways, thank you again Toda!! This was such an awesome gift and you did such a great job at picking things out! Im still so excited over this! Again thank you sooo much, I love it!! ^^ <3
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