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Re-introduction, overdue collection update, and grail!


If anyone remembers me, nice to meet you again. My name is Lisa but I go by Lily on most Pokemon communities. I was never super active in this group and I actually left due to several reasons but decided to come back again. My main collection is the Chikorita evolution line and I'm currently working on my Hydreigon collection. Some of my other favorite Pokemon includes Dragonite, Eevee, Charizard (Who doesn't like a fire breathing lizard?), and Latios & Latias. My love for my two main really is mostly from design and childhood. Chikorita being the more nostalgic one, it wasn't until recently when I started falling in love with this Pokemon more and more. Ever since I was young, I never had a particular favorite. I would only like certain pokemon for their cool or cute design. Ash's Chikorita was one of the most fleshed out Character in Gen 2. I never realized how much I adored this little Pokemon, especially its affectionate nature towards her trainer. By far, Chikorita is one of the most underrated starter and probably the "weakest" as considered by many. I don't consider any Pokemon weak, but hey, who cares? Bringing out the best of your Pokemon is a trainer's job. As for Hydreigon, it really comes down to the design. Unfortunately, Hydreigon didn't make that big of an appearance in the Pokemon anime. Only a handful of trainers own one, one of them being Carlita in the Pokemon Black and White movie. When I watched the movie, I saw a Shiny Hydreigon for the first time and instantly fell in love. The green and black color complements each other so well!

Any who, let's get to the fun part :) My actual collection...

[Chikorita used Razor Leaf!]

This is about little over year and half into collecting. Now, this is the most recent picture I just took couple days ago. I am so proud of my collection, though I do have a few Chikorita plushies still missing. Some of them are just so difficult to find.

[Holy grail of all grails in the most grailest way.]

Chikorita mirage!

Look at that cute little face! She's quite small and was very pricy but was so worth it. Mirage plushies of Chikorita evolution line are super hard to find. I'm still on the hunt for a Bayleef mirage (saw one pop up on Ebay couple days ago) but my wallet is crying at the moment.

I'm always on the look for any rare Chikorita merch so please let me know anytime. Thank you for looking!

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