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Sales reminder: almost everything still left! Eeveelution collection weeding! 2 for 1 kids!

Hey everyone! This is just a sales reminder for my sales post last week. I have almost everything still left in my sales. :)

I still have a few of 2 for $1 kids left! No minimum purchase! Also, no one has made an offers on the Vaporeon glow-in-the dark keychain yet, so that' still up for grabs!

Everything is up for haggling! I just want these to go to collectors who really want them :)

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010.
Feedback link is HERE:

I will be taking offers on this rare glow-in-the-dark Vaporeon keychain. The offers will start at $10 and will end once offers start slowing down (no offers after a full 24 hours from the last offer).


Mini preview of the items:

950951 957 960 963 968

Original SALES post this this way!
Please only comment for order/offer on the original post in the appropriate thread. Thank you for looking!! ^^
Tags: charizard, eeveelution, flareon, glaceon, glameow, jolteon, vaporeon
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