Kestrel (ice_kestrel9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

CharizardEX Box- feeling like a kid again ^-^=

All of this Pokemon20 merchandise is reminding me of how I enjoyed Pokemon as a kid. Considering that I have not purchased any Pokemon cards in over 15 years, I'm more excited about this than I probably should be ^^"

Anyways, I stopped by Gamestop on my way to the library (where I'm "doing homework" when really I'm taking pictures and not caring what anyone else sees xD) image heavy~

Back of the box. Love that majestic Charizard original art <3

*Five minutes later* Alright, finally got this box open!
I have to admit, this amount of packaging seems a little excessive for 4 packs, a card, and a figure. From a marketing perspective, I suppose it makes the product fancy and appealing for consumers. But I'm trying to be environmentally responsible for our earth, dang it >:(

All of the goodies! Being a n00b, it took me a bit to figure out how to remove the card without damaging it...

I love the Magmar and Flareon in the corners, hidden behind Charizard. My favorite thing about Pokemon cards is the artwork, and the artists who put so much thought into the designs.

The figure! aka, why I bought this in the first place :p The sculpt is impeccable, like all TCG figures. i don't know if it's another kaiyodo figure, but I love collecting these so it's going right on my shelf when I get home.

Even the back is so detailed- the flames, the burning wing that makes Charizard appear to be rising from the fire.

The base of the figure is a little small compared to the top, and it seems to be a little round (not flat), so that the figure tends to topple over sometimes :/
Other than that, I'm loving this and I can't wait to see the other three boxes released later this year. Now I need to finish my homework and try not to think about those booster packs until I get home later tonight...

Thanks for reading through all my rambling! :D
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