Johnathan Carnahan (feraligatrdan) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Johnathan Carnahan

my first real grail get!

I'm pretty new to live journal and I've made it my mission to collect all of the Christmas Pins, Charms and Key Chains. The Christmas pins are my biggest want and they go all the way back to 1998 so finding old ones is proving quite the challenge. I've recently acquired the 2002 Christmas pin, my oldest one so far. The coolest part is it has a stained glass window background. When you hold it up to the light all the colors come to life. I absolutely love it!

Still hunting for the rest of the Christmas pins and Charms. If you have something from my want list let me know.

This is my first want list. The main thing I collect is Christmas Pins and Charms. I'm trying to collect all of the Pokemon Center Chrsitmas pins from 1998 to 2015. I have a few of them already but they're really hard to find. Probably because they're so old. It's very important to me that I get them all, if you have any of them for sale or trade or know where I might be able to find them I would really appreciate it. Here they are:

Pokemon Christmas Pin 1998 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 1999 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2000 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2001 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2003 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2004 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2005 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2006 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2007 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2008 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2009 - Grail

Pokemon Christmas Pin 2010 - Grail

I already have the 2002, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Christmas Pins.

I'm also still missing a few of the Christmas Charms, Pins and Key Chains:

Delibird Slowpoke Bell Charm

Snowman Charms

Johto Starters Winter Pin Set

Pikachu Santa Pin

Pikachu / Pichu Skiing Pin

Torchic Snowman Rubber Keychain

Oshawott Snowman Rubber Keychain

I love Pokemon Christmas things so if you have anything on this list I would be interested in buying it.
For the record I only collect Christmas Pins, Charms, Key Chains and figures. I am not interested in plush or flats.
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