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Moving Sale

Heya guys~
I actually am not moving for some time, but I really need to downsize my belongings as well as save some money in the meantime, so I am selling a good chunk of my collection. Rules and items under the cut.

I take paypal and can take up to a week before shipping out plush. Prices do not include shipping.

-I ship from North Carolina and currently only shipping within the USA

I got my sales permission from entirelycliched August 2013


If my prices seem way off feel free to say so. I tried to price fairly based on what I saw other items being sold for but everyone makes mistakes.

I Love Eevee DX plushies (all mint with tag): $25/each
Available: Leafeon/Glaceon

Leafeon MPC mwt: $15

Shinx (great condition) with detached tag: $80

1:1 Fennekin: $45 (tag slightly creased)

American NWT kutakutas: $11.50 each (slowpoke tag is creased; arrived that way)
SOLD: flareon, umbreon, leafeon

Flareon MPC tush tag only: $10
very loved torchic: $5 or free with purchase (may slightly increase shipping)SOLD

Pokemon Time Keychain set (all mint with tag): $120 shipped in the USA
Would prefer not to split the set

Tokyo Bay Angry Pikazard NWT: $45 SOLD
Mewtwo Pokedoll NWT(minor crease on one edge):$40
Ho-Oh Pokedoll NWT: $30 SOLD
Charizard Pokedoll NWT (minor tag creasing as shown): $30
Zorua Pokedoll NWT: $20

Torchic Pokedoll (major creasing on tag as shown): $20 SOLD
Dedenne Tomy 2014 plush NWT: $15
Happiny Toy Factory (curved tag): $5
Tepig NWT: $13
Notch Ear Pichu Banpresto tush tag only: $40 SOLD

Munchlax Pokedoll (may as well be tush tag only, came to me with torn hangtag: $20
Ducklett Pokedoll NWT: $10SOLD
Buneary Banpresto TTO: $8

Pansage Pokedoll NWT: $30
Audino Pokedoll NWT: $15 SOLD

Pachirisu Pokedoll NWT: $70
Emolga Plush/curved tag: $8
Reshiram Pokedoll NWT (Tag has small dent as pictured): $60 SOLD

Sylveon Pokedoll NWT: $30
Minccino Pokedoll NWT: $25 SOLD
Leafeon Minky Pokedoll NWT: $60
Pikachu UFO: $5SOLD
Dewott Plush TTO: $15
Froakie Plush: $10

Pumpkaboo/shiny noibat/shiny braixen pokemon time strap: $5/each NOIVERN SOLD braixen on hold
leafeon clip: $5 on hold
luxray kid: $5 SOLD
luxio kid:$5
noivern kid: $5
pumpkaboo kid:$4
lilligant kid:$4

Lilligant MPC plush NWT: $30

I Love Eevee DX Jolteon NWT: $25

Whimsicott Stuff!

MPC Whimsicott Plush MWT: $45

Type Focus Whimsicott Plush MWT: $45

Whimsicott Pokedoll figure with stand and box: $20

Whimsicott Kid(forgot to take an individual picture): $5

Custom Whimsicott sculpture: $10

Holofoil(I tried to photograph it, was a bit hard to. You can see a bit in some pics) Eeveelution cards: $3/each

Custom Luxray/Noivern charms: $5/each NOIVERN SOLD

Darumaka plush (very small): $3

Luxray Charm set: $20

Froakie Mechanical Pencil: $5

Froakie Keychain: $5

Whimsicott sticker:$2

Thanks for looking! Wish me luck with my move ☺️

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