Nick (chain) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Small Get + Sales + Bulbasaur PlushPlush Auction

This was something I didn't think I was ever going to get. I mostly just wanted it for Psyduck and Corsola, but am just as happy to have the complete set :D

Click the image for enlarged picture :)

Also, on top of reducing the price on most items that I've put up for sale so far, I have FINALLY put up the Bulbasaur PlushPlush for auction!

IMG_2187 (Custom).JPG
You can click the image to be transported to the auction thread that is part of my sales post.
Note: Sales post is image heavy. I have put the images behind spoiler tags and under cuts to help make things easier.
Tags: auction, bulbasaur, charms, corsola, gets, pokedoll, psyduck, sales, togepi
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