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Amazingly Unexpected Mini Grail :3

Hey guys!

I'm just way too excited right now because a couple of days ago I won a mini grail I have been searching for for months! I've seen a few eBay listings in my search, as well as some comm sales, but never had the money and of course eBay is way overpriced. But as of Tuesday, I found out that I won an auction for this little fella at some insanely cheap price!! He's just too special to not have his own little post, so here it is ^w^


Who does this snoot belong too!?

It's the buizel pokedoll~
I am so excited to have this little guy in my posession ^^ I decided to side-collect Buizel recently (bc he's adorable) and of course, the pokedoll was a must have!

My PokeTime Buizel seems to like the new addition ^^

Onward steed!

Oh, did I mention that Buizel 'doll was MWT? Yeah. I kinda had a heart attack after I wont the auction xD

Look! It even has the original Nintendo World price tag!!
Pokedolls for $9.99. What a time to be alive.

Thanks everyone<3

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