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New Collection Display, Recent Gets and Some Wants

I recently moved and had to figure out a new means of displaying my Tomy collection. Luckily, someone was selling a terrific china cabinet for just $45! It's perfect for displaying collections of any kind - glass doors and shelves, mirror backing, and it's even lit from inside. =D

(As a reminder, all pictures can be clicked for original size viewing.)

There are even some new arrivals to help fill it up! Who could they be?

That's right, it's Kanto League Champion Red and his starter team! I hope there are no children looking over your shoulder, because the next picture is a racy shot of these awesome figures caught while denuded...

And here is where they now live, alongside giant Mega Venusaur:

And for those folks who like to look at the "big picture" side of things:

I tried taking a picture with the internal lighting on, but it comes out just horribly on my camera, sorry! And there was no good way to get decent shots of all the Tomys, unfortunately. They are arranged by National Pokédex order starting at the top left. Each glass shelf has six rows of figures, each row itself consisting of about 45-50 figures (with spaces left open for as yet unobtained Tomys). The 6th Gen Tomys could not all fit on the glass shelving with the rest, so they occupy the bottom middle. =P

The Mega Evolutions conveniently fit on top of the little rotation stands that some figures came with. It's even appropriate that Primals Groudon and Kyogre take up four times as many stands as the regular Megas, since they are such large Pokémmon in comparison.

But jeez, this thing was a heavy piece of furniture to move, and dangerous - I cut myself once on one of the glass panels. But as all of us here can appreciate, it was a labor of love. ^_^

Last, some of my best TCG gets. I've ceased collecting seriously and am now sticking only to cards of my favorite Pokémon with especially striking artwork. (To wit, the four on the bottom row here are cards I will not be keeping in my collection.)

If anyone wants to trade for any of the cards on the bottom row, I am looking for any of the following, in English:

FA Celebi EX (boundaries crossed)
FA Venusaur EX (xy)
FA Charizard EX (flashfire)
FA Sceptile EX (ancient origins)
FA Scizor EX (breakpoint)
FA Articuno (generations)

Thanks for looking! =)
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