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GETS + Collection

Hey everyone! I couldn't resist sharing my newest gets- Including an amazing nidoking vs zapdos diorama I've been eyeing for quite some time!

Plus showing off some of my pokemon collection flats, figures, tins and plush! They are not in their displays yet and not all of my collection is unpacked- but these are some of my favs!

so to start off I got some awesome things coming in to add to my collection and soon to be displayed. A raichu friends plush, a fuzzy charmander plush and of course-

AN ELEKID POKEDOLL I'M SO EXCITED!! he's so chubby and cute! <33 Really happy I could finally grab one!

I also managed to snag this amazing battle diorama of nidoking and zapdos for a pretty fair price!

Its been on my major wants for awhile and always a bit out of my price range due to shipping- but this guy despite the large shipping cost is sooo worth it! I'm really excited to finally see him in person soon! He'll for sure have a place on my desk while I work!

Also on the way is this super adorable pokemon sketch storage box! I couldn't help but snag em' when i saw it! I'm a collector of pokemon themed pens and mech pens as well so this guy will be holding those for sure!

Now onto some of my favs in my collection that i manage to unpack so far!


I adored the art done for HG AND SS and seeing nidoking and other favs in large quality art like this was a must have!


My tins are a lovingly used- from tea and holding other things! While I wanted to keep them MINT I couldn't help but use them! Pokemon sketch is also another line that I'm a huge fan of! I just enjoy the illustrative work of it so much! I also have two custom ditto beanies being show offs haha!


Missing some pegs for my zukans but other than that they are in pretty good condition which Im happy about- especially my nidoking line! <3 But general its a pretty general mash up of different figures that just caught my eye!

Now onto the mains... +w+

I'm a huge fan of these guys so much and can't wait to get them proper shelves so they can be happily displayed! :>

I also have this big guy I got off ebay looong ago! His ears are super fragile tho and get bent easily- tho i feel that adds some character to him haha.

I don't know what line he is but Im pretty sure he is authentic- close up off his tag, if anyone knows his line that'd be nice to know!

Thanks for taking a look! I hope my next post will be a proper display of things once everything is set up to properly show off all the other pokemon kids and plush I have!

Tags: elekid, gets, nidoking
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