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Several new gets :)

Happy Friday everyone! Greetings from Finland! The weather is clear, spring is coming and almost all the snow is gone :) It's been a long while since my previous post but now I'm back to present you with some new gets. In case you didn't know/remember, I'm a huge fan of Sceptile. Let's get to it!

[Click to see them!]

Some new kid figures, a set of charms and a Groudon as a bonus. Groudon is one my favorite Pokémon as well!

"I put in a substitute!" I actually won this in a giveaway. A friend of mine instantly fell in love with it when he saw it :D I have to admit, it is pretty cute!

These two are my precious! I was surprised how well they are made despite all the little details (back seeds, claws, leaves etc.).

That's it for now. My current collection wouldn't be as it is now if there weren't you guys so thank you all who have supported me! I'm still more than happy to buy more Sceptile stuff, so if you have any, please let me know! NOTE: Since international shipping is so expensive, I prefer shopping inside Europe. Please understand :C
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