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Kyoto Center Opening Part 2 Goods & Monthly Pikachu Pics~ May Pair Photo Revealed!

I apologize to those who saw this post twice but the Daisuki Club updated with pics of the new Monthly Pair Pikachu so I had to add it. I deleted the first post.

Part 2 Kyoto Center featuring Ho-Oh and Lugia Chu comes out April 23rd! It will be available at all Centers. The Kyoto Center and the goods look so pretty. Look at Lugia during the Grand Opening! I'm not the biggest fan of Kotaku but here's a recap with nice photos of the grand opening to read in English.

Plush - 2,000 yen each
Mascot plush - 1,200 yen each
Charm set - 500 yen
Pin set - 630 yen
A4 clear file set - 500 yen
XY BREAK special set - 1,800 yen

Not pictured:
Sticker set - 500 yen
FRIXION pen set - 660 yen

Special X&Y card pack

Also, the Pokemom Easter promo comes out later today. The Daisuki Club posted some better pictures of the goods such as the clearfiles, tins, cushions!

The Daisuki Club also posted pics of the May Monthly Pair Pikachu. It's just like the one from last May celebrating Children's Day~ It will be released April 16th.

You can see the rest of pics of Monthly Pikachu pics here since the restock on the Online Center is later today 3/19 Japan time and April Monthly Pair Pikachu comes out as well!

Awww so cute <3

Also, if you're curious to see other random misc goods you can check here
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