Alice Lorna (lunglock) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Alice Lorna

ISO iPhone 5S case

Hey guys! It's been so long since I posted here, I am itching to do a re-intro and get back involved with the community, so will try do a collection post in the next week or so.

Today I'm here to ask about iPhone cases. I'm always 2 or so years behind on the current model because I can never afford the newer contracts haha, and today I've upgraded my 4S to 5S, and I really want a Pokemon case! I've seen some on eBay but the official ones are super pricey! I remember back in the slowpoke tail promo there was an adorable iPhone cover too, but I wasn't sure I'd ever get 5 so I didn't buy it :( really regret that right now. Super long shot, but if anyone has one in good condition for sale I'm very interested (I'm in the UK)!

I mean, how adorable is this? And I have that tale, it currently lives on my 3DSXL!

It's a long shot tho so if anyone is selling other Pokemon cases for 5s please comment, I'm interested to see what's available!

Tags: slowpoke, wants
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