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Spring Secret Swap Arrival!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I received my SSS gift! It arrived last week, but Mill's politcal theory had a tight grip on my schedule >.<
I should also have my SSS gift out soon! If you haven't received one yet, yours may be on its way soon ;)

Now let's see what arrived in this absolutely adorable box <3

More box picutres just because they're so cute <)

Hi Cecilia ^^ Thanks for helping me with the opening.

Let's see what's inside...


My gift was from the fabulous eboncharizard! I should have guessed from the shipping label, but I was absolutely surprised.

Sketches! I love the sketches <3 They're all of my favorite and most sentimental Pokemon, and the Eevee Poncho Pika is giving me a great idea for a custom.

Cards! Vaporeon's so pretty, and Arcanine's so majestic with the cutest, spring Eevees.

:3 My inner archtitect had a blast assembling the nanoblock. Some of the pieces are so small >.< but I have to give props to whoever designed it. Squishy Eevee is kinda like a soft stress ball without the sand <) I feel kinda bad squeezing her, but she's so squishy >w< They're both so different, but they make a pair X)

And finally a group shot! There were some Gummy Worms, but, unfortunately, some things happened during the construction of the Eevee Nanoblock and there were no survivors.

Thank you so much eboncharizard! I couldn't have be more thrilled! I had one of the biggest smiles on my face opening everything <D

✿ ❀Happy Spring ❀ ❁
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