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Pokken Tournament day!

Hey everyone. =3 Earlier today I went on down to my local gamestop and picked up my copy of Pokken Tournament! I was excited to come home and maybe try it, but I found out I was beat to the controllers....

lets play.jpg
Blue: "Come on mom, pop it in! We wanna play!" Flareon: "We have the controllers all ready to go! We need to see if we show up in this game!"

What about me guys? I bought it.... (I got them back though... check out what I did to distract them while making this post.)

2016-03-18 (4).jpg
Blue: "Hey Flare, is it just me, or is this loading screen taking a LONG time?" Flareon: "Its not just you Blue! I might go make a cake at this rate...."

Tee hee hee hee.... anyway, I thought people might want to see the poster and the shadow Mewtwo amiibo card!

shadow mewtwo.jpg
pokken posters.jpg

Here they are in all their glory! I am friends with people at my two closest gamestops, and because I had discussed it before hand, the one I preordered from allowed me to have two for the price of one. I was first to pick up my game, so it was freshly unwrapped just for me. =) Shadow Mewtwo didn't show up on my camera phone very well, but it has some rather nice graphics on it. I tend to like characters cloaked in dark colors, so you can bet I am going to play as shadow Mewtwo quite a bit. =3

That is all for now guys! If you haven't picked your game up, don't forget to, particularly if you preordered at gamestop! I have had pre-order items run out before I picked up my copy (they gave me an extra because they got enough to satisfy all pre-orders at the store and any left overs will be passed out until gone to those who just come in and buy the game) and depending on your location, I can see it happening! Here is to the coming smash fest between myself and my two guys here.... and that is just for the controllers!
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