gnomeschooled (gnomeschooled) wrote in pkmncollectors,

some wants and a zukan question

Hello everyone! I took a long break from collecting, but am back and am looking to complete some of my teams in Zukan form. I was wondering if anyone had the following for sale:

Feraligatr Line
Vileplume Line (don't need Bellosom)
Togekiss Line (also looking for the egg version of Togepi if anyone has a spare)

I'm also looking to get some other random Zukans for my teams to face off against in photos, so if you have any for sale in your threads, please let me know.

Feel free to let me know your prices, shipping would be to Canada. I have a feedback thread here:

My other question is if there was ever any official word on why they stopped producing the XY Zukans. I've tired looking for info on it and couldn't find anything. I'm sad that so many cool mons were left unmade!

Thanks everyone!

Tags: feraligatr, togekiss, vileplume, wants, zukan
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