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Even though I joined three years ago...

...I never posted anything about my collection! So here goes:

The Pokemon obsession started a long time ago, back when RBY were still new games. I was about 12 when the first game was bought for my brother and I wanted to play it. So I took his gameboy and his Red version and began the first of many quests that I would take with every single generation that would release from that day on. So the video game collection is huge, but I have no pics of that yet.

Fast-forward to 2011 when my then-fiance bought me my first plush, the Takara Tomy Giratina plush. It was love at first sight and the most expensive hobby I can shamefully admit to.

Everyone in this pic has their Jap tag attached organized by generation :)

Everyone here has their English tag attached or was bought and had the tag removed (the Piplup gets cuddled a lot so the tag would get in the way of cuddles :3) And anyone that doesn't have a plush ball needs one!

This is the group of unknowns, who either have a tag that I question or had no tag when they were bought. The only one I am almost 100% certain is legit is the Arceus since it is WAY too well done to be a bootleg.

And of course what's a collection without a couple of bootlegs...

So that's just the plush! I'll someday have shots of the video games, books, and figures I've collected. We also play the TCG too but I won't do pics of that for a really long time. Til then, enjoy the plushies!
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