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Today's Target Event!

Hello everyone! I just got back from the Pokemon event at Target. I picked up some goodies!

I was the second person in line.. The event started at 11, and I arrived around 10:45. They started to set up everything, and I was shocked to see that they had some Pikachu kuttari plush on the TCG display next to the table :D I picked up two; one for me, and the other one is a birthday gift.

For some reason, they did not get the Magikarp cards that were originally advertised. Instead, they got different holographic cards! The girl let me pick which one I wanted, so I opted for Ditto:

Last, but not least, they were giving out a cute paper Pikachu visor. I grabbed one that wasn't folded so I could store it until I get my own place again.

Thanks for reading! I think I'm suffering from newbie syndrome, because I've spent a TON of money on new stuff since I've become a member. I will post pictures of everything soon :D Did anyone else go to the Target event today?

Enjoy your weekend!

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