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SSS Gift + New Site!!

Hey guys! I have some exciting things to share, including first and foremost - my SSS!

I was away from home for a few days seeing my boyfriend, and was surprised to see a package waiting for me. I couldn't think of anything that I was waiting for, so I realized this must be my SSS gift!!

My gifter was none other than classypersian, who got me a handful of awesome gifts. :'D I was so excited to find two of the new PokeTime straps, Sky Shaymin and Piplup. I was actually really hoping to get a few of the straps because I'd only bought four for myself earlier, and I just love these things to death. I have to say, Shaymin might be one of the cutest designs in this promo, and I love Piplup's giant eyes and tiny smile.

I've already hung them up with the others on my wall:

She also gave me a super adorable Pikachu clearfile. I think Hip-Hopchu is one of my favorites hehe.

And some lovely art from Pokemon Art Academy! I love these, aAnd Absol Rocket is awesome!! (basically me tbh)

Plus some cute trozei stickers and a mega evo flyer, with Mega Luc on it too :D

Thank you so much for everything Classypersian <3 This year's SSS was so much fun, and I love my gifts!

I thought I'd also share a few recent gets!

I got the lovely Cobalt doujin and pokedoll tin from an FJ package that came in yesterday. I thought the tin would be bigger, but it's actually a perfect size, and I'm glad I got it for cheap. If only Weavile were on it :'(
Cobalt is a really lovely doujin featuring various artists' renditions of Lucario and Riolu. It's short, but the drawings are gorgeous, especially on the cover. Plus a lil pass holder fromskydramon. I plan on using this for upcoming cons.

I didn't snap a pic of Pokken or the poster because I hadn't picked them up yet, but my boyfriend and I spent a couple hours playing it last night and it's AWESOME. The graphics look great and it's a lot of fun even if you don't know what you're doing, heh. I have no experience with tekken and am pretty bad at fighting games, but I'm hoping to practice a lot with this one and maybe even git gud. Obviously I'll be maining Weavile, who I'm just so thrilled about being in the game. With such a small roster, I wouldn't have expected Weav to make it in but GAH he looks so awesome!! <3
Can't wait for all the Kuji merch to come out, I've already secured a couple claims on the comm AND bought stuff on Y!J in the past few days x_x

Lastly, I wanted to unveil my brand new collection site! My old one is still up, but since I've shifted my collecting focus, I decided I wanted to do something new. I suppose it's still not totally completed - I have a lot of other items here and there that I haven't yet added - but the important parts are done at least.

I would love to add comm members affiliates! Here's my affiliate page with a code for my button. Comment here and I'll add yours as well. I'd love to connect with any and all collection pages!

I hope to add everything while I'm at work today, but if I can't, I'll be completing it within the next week - I'll be going on vacation soon.
Thanks for reading :)
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